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solid axle conversion

Solid Axle Conversion

 Off Road Unlimited (ORU) has been building Solid Axle Conversion Kits for GM Trucks for over 20 years. Over that span of time, we have fine-tuned our kits and widened our accessory offerings. Recently, we once again demonstrated our innovative style by offering a 4-Link Coil-Over version for late model HD Series Trucks

The ORU bolt-on (SAS) conversion kits includes all the necessary brackets to convert your Independent Front Suspension (IFS) to a Solid Axle System. The Solid Axle System uses Leaf Springs or Coilovers which will offer you a wider variety of lift height options which accommodate larger tires and allow more articulation than stock IFS. The solid axle with locking hubs can be equipped with a limited slip or locking differential for even greater off-road capabilities...another reason to upgrade from IFS. Taking this all one step further Off Road Unlimited offers an optional +6 kit that utilizes a 6" longer front leaf spring for a premium factory like ride.

Crossover Steering

crossover steering

Stock steering components are inadequate for a truck with raised suspension. Severe joint angles result in reduced turning radius and can also result in binding and broken rod ends. A Crossover Steering Kit from Offroad Unlimited can solve this problem and keep you in control!


hydraulic ram steering assist

Low speed maneuvering in tight spaces with large tires, can require more input at the steering wheel than most are able, (or willing) to give. ORU's Ram-Assist System puts additional hydraulic force on the tie rod, which alleviates stress at the steering box and frame. With our ram-assist installed, you'll be able to turn 44" tires at a dead stop! The system retains all your factory steering linkage, which makes it legal for street use in all states. Most kit require minor welding and a steering box upgrade.