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Fox Racing Shocks

When it comes to valving neither Fox 2.0 Coilovers nor King 2.0 Coilovers deliver optimal performance without being re-valved. Whether you’re working on a daily driver or hardcore race truck, we can help you select the right shocks and set you up with the right springs and valving to get the most out of your FOX 2.0 Coilovers shocks.

Shock Tuning

Shock valving influences ride and handling, but these two things are often at odds with each other.  Large amounts of low speed rebound will give you great cornering control but may cause the suspension to be harsh and may prevent the suspension from drooping out in the whoops. Because of this, it is best to run sway bars and tune the shocks for ride quality.

When selecting where to tune, be sure it represents the type of terrain you will encounter the most. Short travel can go surprisingly fast if you tune it stiff, but it’ll beat you up on the little stuff.  On the flip side long travel suspensions can be plush and float over everything but it can be too soft leading to poor handling.  Make sure you tune for the conditions you plan to see.

Shock tuning can be extremely rewarding, with a little work you can achieve tremendous improvements in ride comfort and performance.