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ORU Brand Parts


Off Road Unlimited Brand Parts

At Off Road Unlimited we have our own specialty brand of Truck parts and accessories.  Click on the links to the left and search our products.

Off Road Unlimited (ORU) offers a wide variety of products to enhance the ride quality and control of your truck, both on and off road. ORU’s product selection ranges from simple products like shocks and steering stabilizers to more intense items like Straight Axle and 4-Link Conversion Kits. We are recognized as a leader in the design and fabrication of custom products like our Straight Axle Conversion Kits, Dually Wheel Spacers and the Hydraulic Ram Assist steering Kits.

Solid Axle Conversion Kit 

Solid Axle Conversion Kit is used to replace an independent front suspension setup with a solid front axle, which is a common modification for off-road vehicles, as it offers better durability and articulation. 

Sway Bar

Sway bars, also known as anti-roll bars, reduce body roll during cornering. Sway bar kits typically include upgraded sway bars and associated hardware.

Steering Assists

Steering assist systems, like hydraulic or electric power steering, can be added to make steering easier, especially when using larger tires or navigating challenging terrain.

Leaf Springs
Leaf springs are a common type of suspension used in trucks and off-road vehicles. Upgraded leaf springs can provide better load capacity and ride quality by installing 52" Inch Springs

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are used to increase the track width of a vehicle, providing stability and clearance for larger tires.

Master Cylinder

Master Cylinder is part of the drum brake system and helps apply braking force to the rear wheels

Crossover Steering

Crossover steering systems replace the factory steering setup, improving steering geometry for better handling and control.