Mixing old and new components isn't a good idea sometimes. The results can be, uh... less than desirable to say the least. Example: a new bearing with a used race. Or, how about a new ring gear with a used pinion shaft? Not good.

     Other times, combining old and new results in pure magic. Such is the case with Maurice Rozo's '72 Chevy Blazer. He has mated some of the latest cutting edge off-highway tech with a drop dead gorgeous classic truck. For those of you who don't know, Rozo is the owner of Off Road Unlimited (ORU). The folks at California-based ORU know how to make a rig look great, but more importantly, they know how to make a 4x4 perform. Some of their knowledge has been integrated into this awesome Blazer, and the result is a catalyst for major drool. It's also proof that old and new can coexist in harmony.

S   P   E   C   I   F   I   C   A   T   I   O   N   S
Owner:   Maurice Rozo, Burbank, California
Vehicle/Model:   '72 Chevy K5 Blazer
Estimated Value:   $45,000
Type:   454ci V-8
Aspiration:   Edelbrock Performer intake manfold, Holley 850-cfm carb, Doug Thorley headers, Flowmaster mufflers, 2.5-inch diameter exhaust pipes
Output @ rpm, hp/torque:   540 @ 5,700/590 lb-ft @ 3,300
Transmission:   TH400 with mild shift kit, Art Carr shifter and pan
Transfer Case:   NP205
Front:   Custom four-link, King 14-inch-travel remote-reservoir coilover shocks, King hydraulic bumpstops
Rear:   Atlas leaf springs, Bilstein shocks
Front:   Dana 60, 35-spline axleshafts, ORU hydraulic assist and crossover shocks, King hydraulic bumpstops
Rear:   14-bolt, ORU disc-brake conversion with 12.5-inch rotors/Detroid Locker
Ring-and-Pinion:   5.13:1
Wheels:   20x10 Pro Comp 1059
Tires:   40x13.50-20 Pro Comp X-terrain


Up front, the stock leaf springs have been replaced with a cutting edge four-link coilover suspension. The custom suspension includes a pair of King 14-inch-travel remote-reservoir coilover shocks, four 1.75-inch-diameter chromoly control arms with 1.25-inch spherical rod ends, custom mounts and the latest cool thing to hit the market, King hydraulic bumpstops. The result is a long travel suspension that really soaks up brutal terrain whether dune running or trail riding. The disc-braked Dana 60 front axle has been modernized with a TeraFlex T-Locker, while axle beef consists of ORU 35-spline axleshafts. The Blazer's steering system features ORU's crossover steering kit and hydraulic ram assist, and this helps turn the big 40x13.5 Pro Comp X-terrain tires on 20x10 Pro Comp 1059s

 Here you can see the NP205 transfer case and the modified crossmember that serves as the transmission/four-link mount. Sprouting from the transfer case is a pair of custom driveshafts from High Angle Driveline. the rear is equipped with a CV up front and a 1410-series U-joint in the rear, while the front is long-travel unit with 1410 joints.


Under the hood lurks a potent 454ci V-8 engine that spawns 540 hp at 5,700 rpm and 590 lb-ft of torque at 3,300 rpm. The folks at West Coast Cylinder Head completed all of the machine work. The powerplant features a laundry list of power producing components, including TRW forged pistons with polished rods and ARP bolts; ported and polished cylinder heads from a 427ci truck engine; Melling oil pump; 7-quart oil pan; Competition Cams camshaft and double roller timing chain; Crane rooler rockers; Edelbrock Performer intake manifold; Mickey Thompson valve covers; 850-cfm Holley carburetor; K&N air filter; Doug Thorley headers; Flowmaster mufflers; 2.5-inch diameter exhaust pipes; and an MSD distributor, coil, ignition, and wires. Here you can also see the custom bolt-in engine cage that mounts directly to the Blazer's frame. It serves as a mounting point for the front King coilover shocks. The engine is bolted to a modified Turbo 400 automatic transmission that features a slew of modifications including an Art Carr pan and shifter.


An ORU disc-brake conversion kit allows fitment of disc brakes with 12.5-inch-diameter rotors to the beefy 14-bolt rear axle. The braking system is fed fluid by an ORU Hydroboost unit and master cylinder, and the fluid is carried by custom Orme Brothers brake lines. The 14-bolt axle also features a Detroit Locker and 5.13:1 gears. The rear suspension is simple and effective, and includes Atlas leaf springs and Bilstein shocks. There's plenty of space in the fender wells for the 40-inch Pro Comp X-terrains to travel freely, and even enough room for the 44-inch boggers that Rozo uses when traversing really deep mud.


The interior of the rig is sans carpet, and the tub is completely coated with Line-X. The extensive interior mods also include a frame-mounted ORU-fabbedrollcage; Auto Meter Silver liquid filled gauges; Beard seats; DJ Safety seat belts; and a smokin' audio system designed and installed by the folks at Sound Masters in Burbank, California.


You'd think the '72 Blazer's clear design couldn't be improved upon, but Rozo managed to take it to the next level. He radiused the fenders to create more tire clearance, reinforced them with 1-inch round tubbing, and then sent the truck to Julians Auto Body in North Hollywood, California, for the Beautiful Silver Mist paint. He completed the Blazer's exterior mode with a custom ORU rear bumper (with pintle hook and PIAA backup lights), a custom ORU front bumper ( with skidplate and a pair of Light Force lights), and aCan-Back soft top.