Building an Ultra Trick Suspension

By Craig Perronne

Photographer: Craig Perronne

  In the last installment, we covered the installation of the awesome driveline for our Dodge Dakota project. In retrospect, that seemed kind of easy. Make a couple of motor mounts, fabricate some crossmembers, bolt up a tranny and transfer case, and you're done. Of course it wasn't that easy, but compared to what lay ahead of us, it seemed that way.


Those parameters and the fact that we were short on time led us to the idea of using leaf springs on all four corners. However, that idea didn't fly with Maurice Rozo of Off Road Unlimited (ORU), who was building the suspension along with the rest of the truck. He felt anybody could put leaf springs in the front of a 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab and wanted to use coils instead. We agreed, thinking that Maurice might have been out in the sun too long, but knowing that he could handle the task. So it was decided to use coilover shocks in the front and leaf springs in the rear. Well, the next thing we knew, Maurice and the rest of the crew at ORU was hitting us up to use coils in the rear.