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4Wheel & Off Road Jealousy

Some guys just make us sick; green with envy, that is. Maurice Rozo is one of those fellas who shows up with all the cool toys and makes us wonder what we're doing wrong. Maurice has been working very hard for more than 10 years to make a name for his 4x4 shop, Off Road Unlimited, and when it was finally time to build his own rigs to head to the dirt in, he and his crew of top-notch techs built the combo you see here. The white '72 Blazer was originally assembled for a customer, but when it came up for sale, Maurice purchased ita as a shop trail rig in case he and the guys wanted to go wheeling over the weekend. Plus, it's a great example to show off what the shop could do.
     Then to make towing the big GM that much easier, Maurice and crew built brobably the sickest '05 dualie on the planet. With less than 300 miles on the odo, this black Chevy hauler was torn apart in ORU's Burbank, California, shop, given its signature solid axle swap, and outfitted with just about every aftermarket component that would make it tow, recoer, and cruise better.
     Imagine waking up Saturday morning, cruising to your favorite mud hole in that smooth extra-wide dualie, muddin; till the cows come home behind the wheel of a big-Boggered Blazer, and then cruisin home again is style. Yes, we're jealous. We're sure you are too.
Engine: 454 big-block, Doug Throley headers, Holly carb, K&N filter, MSD ignition, Flowmaster exhaust Engine: Duramax Diesel with TTS power programmer and exhaust and AFE air-intake system
Transmission: TH400 with Art Carr trans pan and shifter Transmission: Allison with Mag-Hytec trans pan
Transfer Case: NP205 Transfer Case: NV263
Front Axle: Kingpin Dana 60, Teraflex T-locker, 5.13 gears Front Axle: Ball-joint Dana 60, ARB Locker, 4.56 gears
Rear Axle: Corporate 14-bolt, Detroit Locker, 5.13 gears Rear Axle: AAM 11.50, 4.56 gears
Tires & Wheels: TSL boggers 19.5/44-15 on 15x14 Allied wheels with bead locks Tires & Wheels: Pro Comp custom wheels with Pro Comp 37x13.50x17 X-Treme A/T tires.
Suspension: Custom Atlas Springs, Bilstein 5100 shocks Suspension: Custom Atlas springs, ORU Solid-axle swap, sway bar, airbag, and King shocks

Together these GMs have one thing in common: A solid Dana 60 front axle that neither came from the factory with. The '72 Blazer has a kingpin 60 from a Chevy truck, and is running 5.13 gears and aprototype selectable Teraflex T-locker differential. All shafts are 35-spline, and the pinion's been rotated 18 degrees for better driveshaft angles. The '05 dualie has a Super Duty style ball joint 60 with Genuine Gear 4.56 gears and and ARB Air Locker. In addition, both trucks run ORU's crossover steering kit with ram assist, but the dualie also has an ORU solid-axle swap kit, dif covers, a sway bar, and shock hoops with King shocks.

The Blazer is running the tried-and-true Corporate 14-bolt rear axle. this one is from a Chevy van, which makes it 3 inches wider than a pickup rear. This full-floater also spins 5.13 gears and a Detroit Locker, plus has ORU's disc-brake kit on the ends. The big dualie runs the stock AAM 11.50, which is the modern-day 1-ton axle running shafts similar to the 14-bolt, but was left open as there isn't a selectable locker available for it yet. Dual Flowmasters are under the Blazer, while the dualie runs TTS diesel exhaust, a Transfer Flow 56-gallon fuel tank, and a set of ORU traction bars.

Both trucks ride on custom Atlas springs. The Blazer runs about 9 inches of lift in the front with 4 inches more in spring length, while the rears are 11-inch lift springs with a long-travel shackle, all controlled by Bilstein 5100 shocks. the dualie runs about 7 inches of lift, as well as a custom cantilever air-overload system that puts an airbag up under the bed for heavy towing loads and a heavier suspension when needed.

Under the hoods of these 4x4s are powerplants built for their respective jobs. The Blazer has a mud-chuckin' 650hp 454 big-block that breathes through a K&N filter, a Holley carb, and Doug Thorley headers, all while pushing power into a Turbo 400 automatic and a geardriven NP205 transfer case. The dualie has a Duramax being boosted by a TTS Power Programmer, an AFE air-intake system, and Pro Comp deep-cycle batteries, all of which dumps the torque into the stock Allison transmission and NV263 transfer case with a Pro Comp output shaft running a CV driveshaft.

The Interior on the Blazer is all business and safety. The crew at ORU fabbed up a rollcage, while occupants ride in Beard seats with DJ belts. Auto Meter gauges keep track of vitals, while moving the Art Carr shifter. The dualie is pretty much stock, with comfortable leather seats, a Savv rearview mirror monitor and camera system, Husky floor mats, and Dee Zee carbon-fiber dash accents. To make access to the cab easier on the wife and kids, a set of Amp Research power steps was installed. They drop down when the doors are opened. The steps can be sut off when four-wheeling to protect them should the dualie get near any rocks.

Covering the bed of the '72 is a custom soft top from Can-Back. Rumor has it these will never be offered, but we're sure you Blazer owners will be calling to folks at Can-Back trying to get them to change their minds. The mud truck runs the prerequisite 44-inch Boggers clamped on 15x14 Allied bead locks. In the back of the dualie is a Dee Zee toolbox for all the towing and recovery gear. Inside is a Kilby air compressor for running tools, airing up tires, and running the Air Lockers. Both the front and rear of the dualie carry the new Warn 16.5 winches in Road Armor bumpers. also note the Hanneman Fiberglass fenders that were attached to the original inner fenderwells to protect the engine compartment from mud and slop, while the rear fenders were pushed 3 inches wider to near-illegal width, just to cover the new Pro Comp X-Treme A/Ts on custom Pro Comp Dualie rims.

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