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Rubicon Express designs and manufactures Jeep suspension systems that provide the greatest performance and value to our customers. Their Jeep lift kits provide exceptional articulation and wheel travel for maximum off road traction while maintaining comfortable and safe on road handling characteristics. No matter what the terrain or budget, Rubicon Express offers a high quality suspension systems and lift kits designed for your Jeep vehicle.

Their Extreme Duty mono tube shock for Jeeps and full size trucks are developed and tuned specifically for each application to deliver maximum control while not compromising ride quality, high speed stability and comfort for those extended trips over the toughest terrain.

Their Ford Super Duty system will provide you with the best ride quality, durability, control and off road performance possible with the stock suspension platform. Unleash the true potential of the big Ford Super Duty and enjoy owning the best all around truck your money can buy a Rubicon equipped Ford Super Duty.

Rubicon Express is known throughout the off road industry for bringing Long Arm Suspension to the market. Rubicon Express has led the way that all others have followed. Dont be let down by the imitators. Get the best with the company you can trust Rubicon Express.

Rubicon Express JK Wrangler Lift Kits

The ‘07-‘12 Jeep JK Wrangler has surpassed expectations from even the most hard core Jeep enthusiast and Rubicon Express’ commitment to JK Jeep owners will prove to do the same. Taking our experience from building suspensions for over 50 years of Jeep models, Rubicon Express offers packages for the newest Jeep addition, the 2 and 4 door JK Wranglers. Choose from factory mounted Super-Flex™ suspensions to complete Radius Long-Arm replacement systems, Rubicon Express will deliver what is expected and provide the absolute best suspension package available.
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Rubicon Express TJ Wrangler Lift Kits

The ’97+ TJ was a winner right out of the box. The TJ’s live axle, multi-link suspension design has served as an excellent platform for building a high performance off-road machine. With our knowledge of multi-links and long arm geometry, it was a given that our systems would be categorized as high end by industry standards.
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Rubicon Express YJ Wrangler Lift Kits

Rubicon Express offers the ultimate in suspension systems for the Jeep YJ Wranglers. These system are like no other available on the market. Rubicon Express YJ systems are the most complete systems for improving trail manners, stability, and durability. Our systems are as innovative as they are trend-setting, with performance mannerisms that set the standard.
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Rubicon Express CJ Wrangler Lift Kits

The respected CJ is the heart and soul of the modern day Jeep. CJs offer a solid platform to build a great off road performer. We have complete suspension systems available for this vehicle. Spring over components are available for custom applications.
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Rubicon Express XJ Cherokee Lift Kits

The ‘84-’01 XJ has proven itself to be one of the best all around off-road vehicles. If you need cargo space and want hardcore off-road performance, the Cherokee is hard to beat. We have an extensive line-up ever of suspension kits, ranging from mild 2” lifts to radical Long Arm Conversions. With a Rubicon-equipped XJ you will have the confidence of knowing you have the best suspension money can buy.
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Rubicon Express ZJ Grand Cherokee Lift Kits

Jeep’s ’93-’98 ZJ Grand Cherokee is a surprisingly competent and trail-ready SUV when equipped with one of our ZJ suspension systems. The heart of the ZJ is the multi-link suspension systems in the front and rear. With the right combination of spring rate, dampening, and obstacle clearance, ZJ’s can perform with confidence, and dance through technical sections with ease. Rubicon now offers five stages of suspension systems including a ZJLA (Long Arm).
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Products by Rubicon Express

Bumpers, Sidebars and Steps
YJ Wrangler
Drivetrain and Axle
Drivetrain Components
Brake Upgrades
Brake Lines
Suspension Lift Kits
4WD Ford F-250 Pickup 4WD Ford F-350 Pickup
4WD Jeep XJ Cherokee 4WD Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee
CJ8 (scrambler) JK Wrangler
TJ Wrangler
Steering Upgrades
Steering Correction

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For the past 18 years, Off Road Unlimited has been manufacturing off road parts that set new industry standards. ORU creations have graced the covers of both national and international trade publications. As recognized "Experts" in the truck & SUV field, ORU regularly appears in technical and feature articles.

ORU’s employees are avid truck & SUV enthusiasts who regularly field-test the products we build and sell. Their goal is to bring you quality parts and accessories for your truck, SUV, or Jeep, built in the USA at a fair price.

Whether you are looking for a complete lift kit, tires, wheels, shocks, off road lighting, winch or other off road accessory we have what you need. Remember if you don't see it we can get it and give you the support to get it installed properly. We install everything we sell. So give us a call at 866.365.0244.


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