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About LightForce

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About LightForce

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, LIGHTFORCE has quickly attained a formidable reputation of designing and manufacturing innovative 12 volt professional lighting equipment and a unique system of modular accessories. Demand for LIGHTFORCE products now sees exports to in excess of 30 countries including our USA office in Orofino, Idaho.



Many products in today’s marketplace utilise materials and designs that are old fashioned or inferior. In actual use they may simply fail to deliver performance and value to the end user. LIGHTFORCE is often immitated but rarely equaled. ASK ANYONE who uses LIGHTFORCE, one look and you will see the difference. Consider these facts and you will see there is simply no other choice.


  • All products designed, developed and manufactured to operate in the environmental extremes of the Australian ‘Outback’ to the freezing Alaskan ‘Tundra’.


  • LightForce Driving Lights

    Quality auxillary driving lights can and do improve your driving safety at night or under adverse conditions. Many lights currently available ae inadequate for their intended task in performance durability making them a poor investment. Why compromise yours and others safety?
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    Before you purchase any driving light, do yourself a favour and take a few minutes to Read the following document on why LIGHTFORCE is the right choice. Choosing the right light will save you money long term and maybe more importantly even your life.


    So many lights available to the consumer are designed with out of date technology and materials that just cannot reliably perform even in the short term. Lightforce products use state of the art design and manufacturing techniques.

    Contrary to popular belief, metal type lights are not necessarily durable, they can and do fatigue, corrode and typically are heavy which makes absolutely no sense in todays world of achieving maximum efficiency and performance. Toughened glass is another example of unnecessary weight and old fashioned thinking. The majority of todays vehicles are utilising hi-tech lightweight materials that have allowed for greater efficiency for the manufacturer and end consumer. The Lightforce design team prides itself on embracing this philosophy to provide a pinnacle product.

    Yes, there are other plastic composite type lights available but none have proven to be as tough and durable as Lightforce. Lightforce are acknowledged world leaders in the utilization of polymer alloys in performance lighting technology.

    Look at the quality and finish of the reflector! Ideally the reflector must be like a mirror and of an effective shape to project the light forward to a desired effective beam pattern. The reality is the vast majority of reflectors are of very poor finish and even murky or dull in appearance. What is even worse, many times this is disguised by a patterned heavy glass lens!

    At Lightforce we metallise our own reflectors to a mirror like finish… HAVE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF and compare! Lightforce reflectors are parabolic in shape which is scientifically the most efficient way of projecting light to achieve maximum distance. The majority of other reflector types compromise this measure of performance!

    Lightforce utilises a unique system of CLIP ON type shatterproof polycarbonate filters. This means you can customise your beam pattern in seconds to suit the driving conditions. Just another example of our unique modular system that provides value and true benefits to you the consumer.

    The globe… maybe the most crucial component and often the most misunderstood even by sales people! Many mistakenly believe high wattage bulbs indicate the output brightness. Most automotive electrical systems operate on average at just over 12 volts with medium powered alternators / charging systems. Therefore high wattage bulbs may not necessarily operate at their stated specification and cause other adverse effects to the vehicles operation. Additionally they produce excess heat and in the real world just do not deliver what many believe. Lightforce utilise Xenophot® type bulbs which burn 10% brighter than conventional halogen and have a run time of 2000 hours! We also have a HID type system which is only 35 watts but in our configuration (240HID) is currently the most powerful driving light available in the world.

    140 Lance


    170 Striker


    240 Blitz


    240 HID


    240 XGT


    Encorcer Spotlight


    Products by LightForce


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