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Although "The Brake Man" was founded in 1993, there is no company with more in-depth experience and practical application of brake design anywhere. Warren Gilliland, the President, began his career in the brake industry back in 1967 when he joined Airheart Products Inc., then the undisputed industry leader in high performance brake systems.

Already an experienced designer, it was here that Warren met Frank Airheart, Vice President of Engineering at Airheart Products. Like father to son, Frank the mentor, and Warren the protege, came several innovative and, at the time, new ventures. One of these was a new series of quick change calipers that are the forerunners of those still used in the industry today. The pads created for that series of calipers, the 2" midget and sprint pad, the 4" drag and rear midget pad, and the 4 3/4" pad found on everything from the rear of a sprint car to the rear of a Winston Cup car, are still the most popular pad shapes in racing. These systems were on as many as 28 of the 32 starting cars at Indianapolis in the early 70s.

Its not enough to have good products today. Now, the customer deserves the information and assistance to achieve the best results. Our products represent significant breakthroughs and for that reason, will be the company everyone else looks to for leadership. If quality and performance are what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place! We are dedicated to that goal! Keep in mind that the components shown here are leading edge technology, representing a whole advancement resulting in performance improvements never before possible. After all, "The Brake Man", has been teaching and helping the racers for years. Who else would you call?


Products by Brake Man

Brake Upgrades
Chevy Super Brake Pads Chevy Super Brake Pads
Chevy Super Brake Rotors Chevy Super Brake Rotors
Dodge Super Brake Pads Dodge Super Brake Pads
Dodge Super Brake Rotors Dodge Super Brake Rotors
Ford Super Brake Pads Ford Super Brake Pads
Ford Super Brake Rotors Ford Super Brake Rotors

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