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About AFE Advanced Flow Engineering

Company Information
Advanced Flow Engineering, Inc. (aFe) produces high flow, high performance air filters & intake systems for the automotive industry. Founded in April, 1999, aFe was created to address an obvious need in the automotive aftermarket industry: a lack of choice for a high performance aftermarket air filter.

They are a team of engineers, machinists, production and sales people who believe in the product they design. They each have years of experience in their respective positions and together work to ensure that they have the best product on the market. Their purpose was not just to be another vendor that offers air filters, they chose to pay attention to those finer details that set an aFe filter apart from the competition.

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AFE Magnum Forcce intake Systems are offered in both a stage 1 or stage 2.
Stage 1 Features:
  • Replaces factory air filter.
  • Replaces factory air box.
  • Black textured molded tube.
  • 16-gauge powder-coated steel heat shield.
  • Radial universal cone filter.
  • Stage 1 Benefits:
  • Increases up to 25 HP.
  • Improved airflow for more torque and better performance.
  • Improved velocity for better acceleration.
  • Reduces heat transfer to intake air.
  • Durable and corrosion resistant, blocks out engine heat.
  • Why Stage 1?

    With the Magnum FORCE Stage 1 intake system, we replace the stock air box and the stock air filter. By replacing the restrictive air box and air filter, there is a noticeable improvement in airflow and power. However, Stage 1 retains the stock intake tract.

    Our engineers can develop a Stage 1 system kit quickly because we are not tackling the stock intake tube, which often interfaces with the factory Mass Airflow Sensor. It is still a challenge to make sure that the Check Engine Light does not come on but not as challenging as when you are replacing the entire intake tract.

    Block Out Hot Engine Air

    Since we are still using the stock intake tube, the size of the filter inlet diameter is limited by the diameter of the stock tube. However, our engineers still managed to increase the filter inlet diameter whenever possible. They enlarged the filter to a 4 1/2" inlet diameter even though the factory intake diameter is just 3" because of their unique tapered adapter between the filter and the stock intake tube.

    In designing out the stock air box, we always try to design in the largest air box that we can. When replacing the stock intake tube as we do in our Stage 2 systems, you have more flexibility since you can change the tube configuration. However adapting to the stock intake tube forces some limitation on the design. Even with adapting to the constraints of the stock intake tube, we are careful to use that stock mounting points. There is no need to cut or drill anything when you install our kits.

    At first glance you probably wont notice the unique features that we design into each air box. They are there for a purpose, either to make your job of installing the system easier or to improve the performance of your vehicle. Here are a few of the features that distinguish aFe from our competitors.

    Stage 2 Features:
  • Replaces factory air box.
  • Replaces stock air filter.
  • Replaces factory intake tube.
  • Washable/reusable air filter.
  • Black textured molded tube.
  • Stage 2 Benefits:
  • Up to 50 HP Gain.
  • Increase ft-lbs of torque.
  • Improves airflow up to 75%.
  • Improves throttle response.
  • Improves acceleration.
  • Improves fuel efficiency.
  • More Air Equals More Power

    For the automotive enthusiast who want all the power and torque he can get, aFe designed the top-of-the-line Magnum FORCE Stage 2 cold air intake system. Whether it is an spark-ignition gas or a compression-ignition diesel, the more air the engine receives, the more power it generates. For powered enhanced vehicles, whether equipped with turbocharger, NOS, propane, performance module; without more air, you are not getting maximum power. The Magnum FORCE Stage 2 systems provide all the air you need.

    Compared to our other systems, the Magnum FORCE Stage 2 intake system replaces the entire stock air induction system to the throttle body or turbo housing. Remembering our motto “Stock Sucks”, we eliminate the stock air box, the stock air filter and the stock intake tract. The only thing retained is the stock electronics. We make sure that our Stage 2 system like all our intake systems works with the stock electronics.

    Cold Air Equals More Power

    In designing out the stock air box, we design in the largest air box that we can for each vehicle application. Even though we make it as large as possible, we are careful to use that stock mounting points. There is no need to cut or drill anything when you install our kits. We make the air box as large as possible so that we can get the largest air filter.

    At first glance you probably wont notice the unique features that we design into each air box. Each of them is there for a purpose, either to make your job of installing the system easier or to improve the performance of your vehicle. Here are a few the features and benefits that distinguish aFes Magnum FORCE Stage 2 intake systems:


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